Tutorial & Session Combo in Luzern
Monday, April 22, 2024. 10.00 CET


This is a one-on-one learning opportunity to “work with” and “work on” Ohashi.
LIMITED TO 4 STUDENTS. Directions to make your reservations:Use this website to make reservations for Ohashi’s Sessions and Tutorials only. You can choose to pay by credit card to reserve your place now. There is an additional charge for credit cards. If you prefer to pay by cash or check please choose that option at check out. Questions: orders@ohashiatsu.org

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Tutorial & Session Combination: During Ohashi’s visit, he will conduct a special 4-person tutorial for dedicated students and practitioners. This is a one-on-one learning opportunity to “work with” and “work on” Ohashi. You will receive immediate feedback, correction and instruction from Ohashi on your technique. A small group learns best together, so tutorials are limited to 4 students. Each student is allotted one hour of hands-on instruction from Ohashi. Tutorials are a perfect way to maximize your educational investment by learning from Ohashi’s direct touch. Right after the tutorial, students will receive a 30 minute session from Ohashi. Receiving a session from Ohashi’s is a great way to learn and is part of the day’s studies.
Tutorials additional information: We allow video recordings during tutorials with approval from the other participants. Please use videos for personal use only; do not post to the web. Ohashi will start his tutorial promptly on time. Please wear loose comfortable clothing; preferably white with your arms and legs covered. A light snack and water for yourself is allowed.