OHASHI Method: Reading the Body – Online


Comparing Eastern and Western Diagnosis, part 1

In this first module Ohashi compares the difference between Eastern and Western diagnosis. Also, how a practitioner can use Oriental Diagnosis to encourage clients to take a more holistic and lifelong approach to their health.

Comparing Eastern and Western Diagnosis, part 2

In part two Ohashi continues to compare Eastern and Western diagnosis. As a practitioner, he encourages you to always look for the positive in your clients’ conditions.

Eastern Diagnosis Systems

In this third module Ohashi talks about the modes of diagnosis: How the practitioner uses sight, sound, touch and questions to better diagnose intuitively.


In this module Ohashi discusses the Meridian Systems and how to use them for diagnosis. Meridians carry psychological energy as well as physical energy. Being aware of both aspects is an additional tool for diagnosing clients’ needs.

Zones of the Face

In module five Ohashi will explain the zones of the face and how to use them for diagnosis. The three main zones of the face reveal general personality traits and lifestyle tendencies.

Diagnosing the Face

In this sixth module Ohashi discusses, in more detail, the specific organs of the face. How can a practitioner notice characteristics of the mouth, nose and ears to better diagnose their clients’ specific ailments and needs.

Body Diagnosis, part 1

  • February 14, 2021
  • 1PM – 2:30PM EST
  • 19:00 – 20:30 CEST

In module seven Ohashi starts part 1 of Body Diagnosis. Ohashi will focus primarily on the Hara. Diagnosing the Hara allows the practitioner to discover the meridians that need activation or sedation.

Body Diagnosis, part 2

In this eighth module Ohashi continues his Body Diagnosis. Ohashi will cover topics such as the back, bilateral distortion, legs and feet. How the practitioner can notice these physical characteristics of their clients and use that information to treat them.

Shoe Diagnosis

In module nine Ohashi shows how to diagnose shoes worn by clients. In more than 40 years of teaching, Ohashi has developed an uncanny ability to “read” the shoes worn by clients and students. Now he will share this skill and show you what shoes reveal of mental, physical and emotional life.

Case Studies

In this tenth module Ohashi introduces new information into his teachings. Ohashi will discuss specific health problems clients might be suffering from. These include Parkinson’s disease, high blood pressure, lower back pain and diabetes.