Maître Ohashi à Orry la Ville- Paris 2023

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Master Ohashi in France
1977 Ohashi’s first book, Le Livre du Shiatsu, was translated and published in the French language in 1977, one of the very first available to a French public. In the years following, he was invited periodically to speak or to teach to various groups, mainly associated with the Macrobiotic and Zen Buddhist movements in France.
The ‘80s and ‘90s French students who studied in NYC at the Ohashi Institute, returned to France to teach and practice what they had learned from Ohashi and his instructors. Some of them started their own schools, and some continue to teach throughout France. In 1985, after his books on pregnancy and babies were published in the US and Germany, he was invited to teach a course on shiatsu for pregnancy to a nursing group in Paris. During the ’90s Ohashi taught several workshops to estheticians in France through the sponsorship of L’Oreal Paris. In 1997, Ohashi’s 4th book, Comprendre le Langage du Corps: Le diagnostic oriental selon Ohashi was published by Guy Tredaniel Editeur, and re-issued in 2011.
The 2000s In 2004, Ohashi officially started the Ohashiatsu® Program in Paris and offered the full curriculum program. From that effort, there have been many graduates, including Veronique Bauer who founded the school in Orry la Ville. She and Bruno Egea, Certified Ohashiatsu® Instructors, offer the entire curriculum up to the final course, which is taught by Master Ohashi.
In 2017 Ohashi’s seminal book on his approach and technique, Ohashiatsu: la methode Ohashi, was translated by David Millerot, another Certified Ohashiatsu® Instructor and published by Guy Tredaniel Editeur.



Psychology of the Meridians
Saturday & Sunday, 8 & 9 July, 2023

Ohashi says that our life is the manifestation of physical and psychological energy. Even today most Western psychologists do not consider the physical body when analyzing psychological states. Yet there are dozens of clues the physical body holds that can reveal one’s state of mind—even past traumas. Ohashi demonstrates how physical situations can manifest themselves in your emotions and psyche, and how unbalanced emotions can result in physical aches, pains and illness.
In this workshop you will learn:

  • How human psychology is manifested in meridian lines.
  • How Ki energy affects human life.
  • What is Kyo and Jitsu (deficiency and excess) in our daily lives.
  • Exercises you can give/practice for specific psychological problems.
  • How to give meridian Ohashiatsu® to alleviate psychological problems.

Participants will practice meridian exercises and work on each other in pairs. The workshop is an opportunity for bodywork therapists and psychotherapists to add to their diagnostic skills.
It is of interest to anyone who wishes to know him/herself better.

Muscle Meridian Sedation
Monday, July 10, 2023

In this workshop Ohashi will show whether to increase or decrease the energy / strength of a group of muscles to improve the mobility and health of the client. When you are practicing Ohashiatsu and other bodywork modalities, you have to:

  • Analyze, evaluate and diagnose your client’s problem.
  • Decide what treatment technique your client needs.
  • Perform the technique to get results.

In this class you will learn how to make a correct diagnosis and to choose the best technique for maximum results with minimum effort. These techniques will enrich your professional treatment by making you more effective and efficient.
Ohashi has developed his muscle meridian sedation techniques over forty years of practice and study of Eastern diagnosis, kinesiology, meridian therapy, Japanese martial arts, movement and dance.

Ohashiatsu for Parkinson’s
Tuesday, July 11, 2023

As the world’s population ages, a greater number of people are developing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. This workshop addresses issues faced by those suffering from Parkinson’s, their family members, and the professional therapists—body-workers, nurses, physical therapists—who treat them. Ohashi will demonstrate how Ohashiatsu, applied at home or at a studio or clinic, can help to manage the symptoms. In Ohashi’s experience there are three important issues. First, if the neck is jitsu it tends to be stiff, which can decrease the oxygen supply to the brain. Second, the tremors caused by Parkinson’s makes a person chronically tired. Third, 50% of Parkinson’s patients suffer from depression. Ohashiatsu can help relieve these symptoms and make a person’s life more comfortable.
You will learn how to work on the upper part of the body with the receiver in a chair—tapping, squeezing, and rotating the shoulders, arms and neck; how to give a treatment with the receiver in stomach position on a padded mat on the floor, especially to the back and legs; how to utilize muscle meridian activation (kembiki) and sedation techniques, which are therapeutic for the receiver.
After Ohashi demonstrates each technique, participants will practice on each other. Ohashi and Certified Ohashiatsu® Instructors will help you during the practice sessions. Open to everyone. No prior bodywork experience is necessary. Wear loose, comfortable clothes.